Hula Dawg Tips – How to Make A Good Burger

At Hula Dawgs, we are always striving to improve our burgers taste and quality! But some of you have been asking how we do it? So we are going to help you guys answer the question How to Make a Good Burger. We have put together a great list that is sure to help you improve your burger game! We know it helped ours!

How to Make a Good Burger

How to Make a Good Burger – Thomas Joseph’s Take

Pretty much the foundation of what we do at Hula Dawgs!!!!


Other Tips on How to Make a Good Burger – A HOW TO GUIDE!

1. How Fatty do you like your meat??? 80/20 ground chuck seems to be the go to!

Different people like differnt amounts of fat to flavor their burgers. We find that most of our customers like the an 80–percent lean, 20-percent fat ratio. It garuantees a juicy burger. It is not exactly diet friendly, but if you like great taste this is the way to go.


Try making a thumbprint in the middle of the patty!

3. The only mix you need – Salt and Pepper

We add our own special flavoring, but sometimes our users have told us the bets season they use is just SALT and Pepper!

4. Oil + Cast Iron

Frying at home? Try using a cast iron and high heat!

5. How many times to flip?

Once you have formed a crust at the bottom which usually takes 3 minutes, just flip it. ONCE. make a crust on that side again and the burger is cooked according to your desired doneness.
4 Minutes for medium which is our customers preference

6. What temperatures do I cook?

The USDA recommends cooking until it reached as internal termpature of 160%F.

Here’s a cheat sheet for cooking times

Rare: 6 minutes

Medium rare: 7 minutes

Medium: 8 minutes

Medium-well: 9 minutes

Well-done: 11 minutes


7. Use the right buns HUN!

We use squishy buns. Rolls tend to break up the burger, and we want our customers using their hands to appreciate the burgers. A soft bun molds around the contents and allows the burger to stay in shape

Flay recommended soft “squishy” buns, so there isn’t a huge mouthful of bread with eat bite. “A burger is a sandwich and is meant to be eaten as such. Rolls tend to break up the burger and the next thing you know, you need a knife and fork. Burgers should never have to be eaten with a knife and fork. A soft bun molds itself around the contents,” he said. Flay loves the kind of with sesame seeds and toasts them lightly before placing the burger on the buns.

8. Add your awesome SIDES!

We like to keep it simple with french fries for the sides and pickle lettuce and ketchup on top.



Did you learn how to make a good burger?

If so leave us comments on how you cook your burgers? If you are tired of trying to make the perfect burger, swing by Hula Dawgs and grab a taste of our wonderful burgers.