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Issue #21.38 :: 04/14/2010 - 04/20/2010

Grovetown, GA – At Grovetown’s Hula Dawgs, love comes in the form of a foot-long, half-pound, one-inch-thick Nathan’s hot dog.

It’s called the Long Board ($4.79, pictured) and customers can order it topped with everything from sauerkraut and jalepenos to black olives, slaw, lettuce and tomato.

This thing barely makes it into a take-out box, it is so large. It’s two-fisted decadent goodness.

The eatery’s dogs have gained quite a word-of-mouth following, says Fecristina Brewton, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband, Richard.

“We have customers, when they come here from New York and New Jersey, they come here and bring their families,” Fecristina Brewton says.

Long board

The Long Board is full of that beefy Nathan’s flavor. The one I try is covered with slaw, black olives, jalepenos, lettuce and tomato. One could easily eat half and put away the rest for later, but why delay all that pleasure?

Hula Dawgs doesn’t just focus on the food of its namesake.

The establishment also serves up a respectable hamburger. Diners can choose between the Lil’ Kahuna, Hula Burger and Big Kahuna in quarter-pound, half-pound and 1-pound sizes, respectively. The burgers range in price from $3.99 to $6.79.

Hula Dawgs’ burgers are thick and juicy and served on fresh, soft buns.

For the truly adventurous, there is also a 2-pound Maui Wowie burger ($12.49) that is tied to an in-house eating contest. Those who finish get their picture tacked to the Wall of Fame.

Those who don’t find their mugs on the Wall of Shame.

But customers don’t have to stop at two pounds. Fecristina Brewton says she will make burgers as big as people want them, at $4 for each additional pound.

The Brewtons bought the restaurant from the former owner roughly three years ago.

Richard Brewton had gotten laid off from the Savannah River Site and Fecristina Brewton was making a living cleaning doctors’ offices.

One day she drove by Hula Dawgs and noticed it was for sale. Though the Brewtons had never run a restaurant before, they made an offer and are glad they did.

“I guess it’s like a gamble, but I always wanted to have my own business,” Fecristina Brewton says. “It’s really successful.”

The Brewtons added a few of their own touches to the former menu, like lumpia, Filipino-style spring rolls filled with meat ($1.50), and Chippers, delicious, fresh-cut potato chips made to order ($2.09 for small and $3.09 for large).

Hula Dawgs only seats about 30 people. Often people are lined up out the door to get a burger or dog, Fecristina says.

Usually, though, customers don’t mind, she says.

“Customers are willing to wait for it because they just want to get to that hamburger,” she says.

Hula Dawgs also serves a variety of salads, wraps, sandwiches and desserts.

The restaurant also serves up a gyro ($5.49) and a Philly cheese steak sandwich ($5.99).

“We’ve got a little bit of everything,” Fecristina Brewton says.

Hula Dawgs
5110-F Wrightsboro Rd., Grovetown
Mon. and Wed., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Tue., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.; Thu.-Sat., 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

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Issue #20.23 :: 12/31/2008 - 01/06/2009



AUGUSTA, GA - Would the Hawaiian songster Don Ho eat at Hula Dawgs? We can’t be sure about that, but we do know the Grovetown restaurant is a Metro Spirit reader favorite.

“Once people eat here, they always come back,” says owner Richard Brewton. “We survive and thrive on word of mouth.”

Word of mouth is indeed strong, since we were tipped off by a reader’s e-mail raving about the incredible eats, asking us to “check it out as a feature for the Bite column.” We did, and the reader was right: The eats are incredible.

In a foil-draped basket sits a hot dog the size and girth of a small child’s forearm. It is impossible to look at this construction without marveling; it is even harder to bite into without giggling a little in anticipation.

Longboard Half Pound

“We will put anything on a dog people ask for – within reason,” Brewton says. “Sometimes by the time they get done adding things the dog looks more like a salad. I know it’s the only hot dog in town you have to eat with a knife and fork.”

The moment you enter the front door you know it is a community eatery. The Hawaiian décor – complete with Tiki poles, bamboo, leis and an occasional surfboard – is relaxing.

The large coastal mural makes you escape the everyday for just a moment until several incredibly mouth-watering smells snap you back to reality.

The warm greeting and genuine “Hi, how are you?” lets you know the owners are very hands on.

“We talk with people all day long,” Brewton says. “I love working with my wife every day and we live one mile away – so we are very much a part of the community we love.”

The husband and wife team of Fecristina and Richard Brewton purchased Hula Dawgs in April 2008 from the original owner.

“We expanded the menu, added some influence from my wife’s homeland of the Philippines, and worked on consistency in the menu,” Brewton says. “So the quality dog you get this week will be the same one you get next week.”

The menu expansion has something for everyone: tasty gyros, hearty wraps, club sandwich varieties, lovely crisp salads, chicken wings and tenders, and a Philly cheese steak. The sides are cheese stix, hula hoops (onion rings), lava fries (chili cheese fries), jalapeno poppers and hula cheese fries.

New to the menu are two “across the sea” selections reflective of Fecristina Brewton’s Filipino heritage: pork barbecue skewers, featuring thinly sliced pork in homemade sauce, and lumpia, long egg rolls of ground pork and diced veggies.

“Burgers are most popular – they are, literally, the biggest item on the menu,” Brewton says. “We prepare them fresh each morning.”

Hula Dawgs is home of “The Maui Wowie Challenge,” featuring a 2-pound hamburger – eat it all and you make the Wall of Fame. If not? You go on the Wall of Shame. This lore appeals to many to heed the challenge; few succeed.

“A gentleman at Fort Gordon has all his going-away parties here,” Brewton says. “When someone leaves, he brings them here to take the challenge. Then a manager from John Deere initiates his new employees with the challenge, so we get ‘em coming and going.”

According to the National Hot Dog Council (yes, there is a council), last year consumers spent more than $4.1 billion, almost 1.5 billion pounds, on hot dogs and sausages in U.S. supermarkets alone. Heck, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans typically consume 7 billion wieners, or 818 every second.

So what makes a Hula Dawg so special?

“You have to cook a dog to give it our unique flavor,” Brewton explains. “Grill it, fry it and grill it again.”

The trick, he says, is to leave the franks on the grill long enough so that the exterior is nice and crisp and the interior stays juicy. Then the dog is deep fried for crunchy goodness and grilled again to emphasize its flavor.

“No steamed, no boiled, no pre-cooked hot dogs here,” he says. “It may take a little longer to get it, but it’s worth it. It is a unique experience, and no one ever leaves hungry.”

Hula Dawgs
5110-F Wrightsboro Rd.

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Issue #18.52 :: 07/25/2007 - 07/31/2007

A new luau in Grovetown


AUGUSTA, GA. / GROVETOWN, GA. - Out in Grovetown, Hula Dawgs is under new ownership. Richard and Fechristina Brewton took over the dog-and-burger show just six weeks ago, and have already added their own twists to the menu.

“We’ve added some salads, some wraps and a couple of Filipino menu items – we added some barbecue skewers and lumpia,” Richard said. Lumpia is a Filipino pastry that is similar to spring rolls. Fechristina is Filipino, thus the influence.

But other parts of the menu are more like a dare than a meal: “We have a 2-pound hamburger; we have a half-pound hot dog,” he said. The prize if you finish is the knowledge that you won’t have to eat again for a week. But you will. They cook all of their food to order, pounding out patties in the morning because nothing is pre-cooked.

The Brewtons’ dedication to these details of the business comes from their enthusiasm. They’ve never done this before, so they’re still in the honeymoon phase. But for Richard, a former SRS engineer, and Fechristina, a former medical office manager, that’s an important consideration. They wanted to build something together, close to home. Call 706-863-4263.

At Hula Dawgs, you will only be served fresh food made to order! 
Feel free to check out our online menu and call ahead to have your order ready when you pick it up!